Grant Funded $ 785.00 for the CREATESpace & Grade 9 Course

We believe all 9th graders are creators able to envision and create individual and collaborative projects that demonstrate their creativity and address the needs they see in our community.

W have the great fortune to get to work with EVERY student that comes through our campus as we teach a required grade 9 transition course in college & career readiness and computer literacy. Our students gain hard and soft skills while building a dynamic and inclusive classroom culture.

Our students want to connect with others. They hunger to express their individuality and unique complexity. As young adults, they thrive in rallying the community to their cause. They want to start a conversation, express their inner selves, and inspire others.

The Students

EVERYONE A CREATOR! Our grade 9 students come from neighborhoods across the entire city, from all walks of life, from diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Whether scholar or athlete, gamer or artist, dreamer or doer, our students come to us with diverse values, passions, interests and goals. 

Our students are welcoming and inclusive...influential…a vehicle for change.



As of August 8, 2019

The Vogels, Foothill dragon family

Taz Sharif, educator extraordinaire

Anonymous Donor, California

The Careys, Foothill dragon family

The Murrays, Foothill dragon family

Cecilia Ramirez, Foothill dragon parent

The Buehners, Foothill dragon family

The Bishops, Foothill dragon parent

Anonymous Donor

The Kallers, Foothill dragon family

The Ippolitos, Foothill dragon family

Jerry Renar, Foothill dragon parent

$ 785.00 of $ 785.00 Goal Funded

Did You Miss The Chance To Help?

NEXT ON OUR LIST: Glass Fusing Equipment & Materials

If you wish to support the development of the CREATESpace, we are looking to purchase a glass kiln and glass fusing materials. You may donate directly to Foothill Technology High School and reference the CREATESpace to provide funds.  Specifically, we are looking for two small glass fusing kilns that run on regular 120 volt / 15 amp plugs ( regular household power ).

Slightly Larger Volume


Comes with Materials Start Pack


Skutt HotStart Pro ( $ 825.00 at )