CTE Instructors @ Foothill Technology High School, Ventura 93003

Kristen “The Mothership” Pelfrey  

CTE Arts, Media and Entertainment 

M.A. in Educational Technology

Applied Arts Department Chair 

College and Career Seminar via Computer Literacy

"I am the keeper of the CREATESpace; and co-coordinate funding and expenditures. 

Mrs. Carr and I are developing the CREATESpace as we collaborate in teaching our (9) C3 classes.

I teach six periods of grade 9 students in C3. I am co-advisor of the 9th grade class with Mrs. Carr. 

I supervise the Mothership's Mobile Makerspace in the Media Center during Extended Hours on Thursday evenings.

Mrs. Carr and I have been collaborating at Foothill Tech HS for almost twenty years. 

We are implementing a new class in 2019-2020; “Makerspace: Applied Algorithms” allows students to work independently in a hybrid (online & face-to-face) course and earn applied arts credits. Our goal with Applied Algorithms is to steer more students towards active learning and more engagement in lieu of a free or teacher assistant period.."

Conni "The Technologyqueen" Carr 

CTE Software and Systems Development 

M.A. in Educational Technology

Computer Science Instructor 

College and Career Seminar via Computer Literacy

"I am participating as a collaborative partner in the CREATESpace; co-coordinating funding and expenditures.  I play a role as a CREATESpace organization, planning and website guru.

I am taking on the role of CREATEor coach for our grade 9 students while encouraging all of them to pursue future studies in emerging technologies and computer science. 

At FTHS, we are "thinking outside the box" in our approach to the Applied Arts department's upper grade programming courses. I am looking for physical objects in the real-world that students can create using algorithmic thinking and iterative design.  This will give our upper-grade students objects in hand that they created by applying the learning from the computer science courses."

Cameron Crouch

CTE Arts, Media and Entertainment, M.A. in Educational Technology

Digital Photo, Filmmaking, Art

"I am leading my Digital Photo students in photographing all 9th graders for their professional headshots and a “green screen” shot. Art 2D students will then use these photos to help the grade 9 students learn to edit their images in Photoshop into a “My Future Looks Like” shot, reflecting future goals as explored in C3. Art 2D and Digital Photo students and other volunteers will work with 9th graders during class and will volunteer in Thursday's Mothership’s Mobile Makerspace to support students with Photoshop and digital production skills.

I am taking the lead on video production and photography within the CREATESpace; planning for extended space and opportunities for learners interested in the visual arts."

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